25 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Here's To The Crew!

Today is the final day of racing the 2012 LCP and this post is for Equipo TBZ!  Without the crew, there would be no racing and no finish for El Jefe, Geezer, Rene and Stewie.  This year's crew is Tonio and Bimbo and we must remember the crew back home in Zacatecas too.  The guys at TBZ work all year long on El Jefe and the guys include Imelda at TBZ too!

Ustedes son tan importantes como los pilotos y copilotos!  Sin ustedes no podemos terminar! 

Gas gas gas!

No sleep 'til Zacatecas!

Suerte to all!

Results for Day 6 had El Jefe at 6th place in class and 39th overall.  These are the daily results so hopefully they are still ranked a little higher overall.  We will know very soon.......at least by 1am MST tonight, hahahaha, when the party in the bullring in Zacatecas finally gets going and they announce the winners.

Equipo TBZ: Antonio Cordero - gracias!

Mi hermanito, Rene Rodriguez.

THE GEEZER.  Love his expression.  Makes me smile.

Rene and his nephew, Antonio "Tonio"

Rene, Bimbo, Geezer.  I still don't know Bimbo's real name after all these years!

Part of Equipo TBZ back home in Zacatecas.
Beautiful Imelda of Equipo TBZ!

Got this update via Brad Kaplan (we miss you Brad!) from Christian Reichardt & Dan Roche in the Original PanAm Lincoln who sadly had to drop out of the race on Day 2:

Hey Brad

Been wanting to e-mail you for the last few days and give you an update.  Well, we are out of the race due to a hole in Piston 1, right front cylinder.  Ran great in pre-qual and first day, then day 2 midday burnt the piston!

We are continuing to follow the race, got a rental car, going to the zocolos and parties.  Watching the racing it he speed sections- very informative and intersting!   Will tell you all about what I found out.

It's been a carnage of accidents and repairs. Day 1, a copilot I in an accident died.  Altogether now I think about 14 or so accidents!!!!  No major injuries in those.

Tomorrow is last day, to Zacatecas, going up into the La Buffa speed section to watch them race.  Will speak with you when I am home next week.  Dan says hello!


Geezer, Dan, Kristin and Christian in 2007 in Oaxaca before the race.

Here are some more photos from great blogs like Christine Rotolo's Miles and Miles of Speed following Taz Harvey in the speedy Datsun 210, Lauren Scheller's High-Speed Bull Shippers (1954 Lincoln), and Gerie Bledsoe.

From Gerie Bledsoe.

Photo courtesy of Gerie Bledsoe.

Photo courtesy of Fuentes Photo.

Morning copilot lineup to get the time cards.  I can see Vance III's head poking up through the crowd in the middle of the arch.  Photo by Christine Rotolo.

Doug Mockett is a class act. From Christine Rotolo's blog. 

The spooky tunnels in Guanajuato.  Photo courtesy of Christine Rotolo.

The Gregory's spinout/crash on Day 5 in Mil Cumbres.  Christine Rotolo captured this photo and I believe they have film as well.

As reported by Christine Rotolo.

Evidently this is where a famous copilot goes after crashing on Day 5.....looks like a good time too.  Go Fernando.


Jorge Cordero said...

The name of Bimbo is Gerardo Garcés (Spanish name for Jerry)

LCP said...

Thanks, Jorge! I know Bimbo has told me before and I think it's so funny that I never remember. Gerardo Garcés is a movie star name! Kristin