23 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: El Jefe 2nd in Class on Day 4

We are all very excited that El Jefe ran 2nd in class on Day 4 and just 3.2 seconds behind the Turismo Producion daily leaders (Albrecht Haase)!  I talked to both Geezer and Stewie last night and Geezer said Stewie did an amazing job, was fast and had a great flow on the last two Mil Cumbres speed sections. 

Today they will run Mil Cumbres again on their way out of town, and on their way to Guanajuato. 

Photo by KEIphoto.com.

Rene & Vance III on the podium in 2011.

Rene Rodriguez, piloto famoso!

As I mentioned yesterday, Gerie & El Fer in the Durango Deuce lost brakes and ran over/into a small wall.  El Fer texted me, "Downhill right 3 - no brakes.  Gerie....he's immortal.  Feeling like a teenager."

They are okay; the car is not.  According to Lauren Scheller's blog, they had to pay 350 pesos to repair the wall, which sounds like a good deal! 

Photo courtesy of Smarty's Garage.  Smarty said this was the GOOD side.
Here is a note from Doug Mockett at the end of Day 4:

Angelica and Doug.
Linda and Stewart Robertson in their purple Studebaker continue to move up.  Turismo Producion is a tough class!  They are currently 9th overall and 6th in class.

The Robertsons!
The carnage of Paul Hladky's Studebaker - but he is still running!  Go Paul!
I love the jack prying open the back window.

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