24 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Posting of Official Times

This year it seems that "unofficial" results have been posted in a very timely manner to the LCP website.  During our first year of racing in 2006, results were posted to the website each evening and I could access them on my SmartPhone - it was great but that hasn't happened since 2006. 

Last year was exceptional in that results were MIA the vast majority of the race, which makes it difficult to protest anything, and makes the results flexible if they aren't posted yet.  It made the entire race incredibly frustrating.

One curiosity this year is that Day 1 daily results have not been posted yet, the day of the unfortunate fatality of Javier Davalos in Studebaker #130.  It appears that if you ran the stage where the crash happened, you got your posted time. But if you got there after the crash when the stage had been cancelled, you had a standard time for your class added.  For TBZ it was 3:22.0 minutes.  [Please comment if you can explain how this is supposed to work.]

And just now (10/25/12) I see that "official" results have been posted, and they show Days 1 - 4 and it says "overall results" but it's 3 pages of results that appear to be repeated over 9 pages.....oh well, still trying to sort that one out.

All in all, these are the quickest results we've seen in 6 years so that is great!
Hopefully they are accurate too!

Instant results!

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