24 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 5 Arrival in Guanajuato

Day 5 successfully finished in Guanajuato for TBZ & Rodriguez Racing.  With Rene driving and Vance III navigating they came in at 44th overall and 6th in class.  Paul Hladky is back in the race for the second day since the fall off the cliff and moving up and he, interestingly enough, is in our class.  So ahead of us are 3 Studebakers and 2 Jaguars.  Hey, we finished the day; we are happy!

Today Vance III is at the wheel with Geezer navigating.  The route is Guanajuato to San Luis Potosi.

I also got the skinny on Yerie and Fernando's mishap on Day 3:

Photo by Gerie Bledsoe.
Also found a photo (credit unknown) of the curve that caused the 5-car pileup on Day 3.  You can find the video of this on facebook by looking up Ramt Racing Team.  It is quite a video!

The corner on Day 4 where 5 cars went off between the guardrail and the rock. Photo credit TBD.

I believe this is the Alfa that went off the above corner on Day 4.  Photo by Francisco Panam.

Below is a whole pile of photos respectfully credited to Escuderia Telmex who can be found on facebook - thank you!  The photos span the entire race so far.

Beautiful Lauren Scheller.

I believe this is the Mercedes that was in the 5-car pileup on Day 4.

I believe this is the arrival at Queretaro at the end of Day 3.

Gerie & Fernando before the oops.

Linda & Stewart!

The Geezer in a serious moment.

Love the gullwings.

This is what it's about - old friends!  Fuentes, Mockett and Robertson, probably talking smack about who is going to beat who tomorrow.  :)

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