21 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 3 WTF 5-Car Crash

Photo courtesy of KEIphoto.com.
As the title of my blog says.....WTF!!!
Report from the ambulance driver says everyone is okay!  Wow!

Uploading some more photos from facebook.  Please message me with photo credits where I missed them.

The only details of the crash I've read are from Christine Rotolo's blog so here is an excerpt:

Photos from the amazing Pepe of KEIPhoto.com:
Paul Hladky in the Studebaker.



More photos from the day:

Fuentes, beautiful as always!  Photo courtesy of Escuderia Telmex.

Jo Ramirez



Late Sunday evening Paul Hladky passed inspection and is ready to roll again!  Unbelievable!  News and photo by Jorge Arellano Vital.

Geezer, Rene and Stewie are running 52nd overall and 4th in class!!!  Gas Gas Gas!!!!

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