20 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 2 Finish

Photo courtesy of Lauren Scheller.

Looks like a great welcome at the always nutty and more than crowded noon stop at Tehuacan. Congrats!

The daily results were posted and it looks like El Jefe is 42nd overall, which is awesome!

Talked to Stewie (Vance III) and Geezer tonight and they were both really charged up. They said Christian and Dan in the Original PanAm Lincoln blew their motor, bummer. Tom Overbaugh and Paul Wendt in the light green Lincoln lost their rear end and are looking for a new one. And Hayden Groendyke in the beautiful #476 1949 fastest Caddy you'll ever see, crashed and won't be returning to the race.

Stewie said Tehuacan was three times as crowded as normal and it was awesome. He said he was throwin handfuls of postcards in the air from his trapped perch on top of the race car. Geezer said once he finally got out of the car he was pushed to the rear of the car but it was so crowded he couldn't get to the postcards. They both sounded like they loved it! Where else do you get to be famous for a week (even though you're not)?

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