20 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 2 Oaxaca to Puebla

Just got a voicemail from Stewie saying, ""We're at the early service between Oaxaca and Tehuacan, all is well, car is running great, everything is fine so we'll try to catch you later in the afternoon."

As usual there aren't any official results posted from yesterday/Day 1 and the official LCP website has been offline since early Friday evening with a message that the account has been suspended and to please contact the billing department.
I haven't heard any more news about the very sad fatality from yesterday.  Evidently the Davalos brothers take turns driving.  Javier is listed on the LCP website as the navigator but was driving yesterday morning when they rolled.  Various news articles say it was caused by a blown tire if I am translating my Spanish correctly: 

"El Studebaker número 130 de la categoría Turismo Mayor sufrió una volcadura cuando se encontraba a la altura de la población Puerto del Aire, resultando gravemente lesionado el copiloto Francisco Javier Dávalos, quien perdió la vida pese a la asistencia médica."

It also looks like he died instantly:

"Lamentablemente, el deceso de Francisco Javier fue casi instantáneo y su hermano quedó con golpes y magulladuras, pero está bien. El auto de servicio médico, con el paramédico José Luis Díaz, llegó al punto dos minutos después, y el jefe de los servicios, el doctor Denis Rodríguez, llegó un poco más tarde, pero para certificar el deceso".

To my knowledge, no one has died during the LCP since 1999 when a car went off Mil Cumbres killing both pilot and copilot.

A very sad time indeed for the Davalos family and friends and the entire LCP community.


Mockett and Fuentes.  Great photo by KEIphoto.com.

"Yerie" and "El Fer" doing their thing.  Photo by KEIphoto.com.

Yerie & Fer - not yo mama's Nova.  Photo by KEIphoto.com.

El Jefe!  (Unsure of photo credit, will update when I can figure it out.)

The official LCP website has been down since Friday evening........??

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