24 October 2012

2012 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 1-4 "Official" Results Posted

The "Absolutos/Overall" results have been posted for Days 1-4. 

According to this, El Jefe is 3rd in class and 27th overall.  If this is accurate, this is AMAZING!  Please tell me I am reading this correctly!  I know....anything can happen on Day 5, 6 and 7 but this is exciting.

They are just under 5 minutes behind the TP leader and Paul Hladky, who went off the cliff on Day 3, got back in the race and is 3 minutes behind them.  That guy is FAST in Jerry Churchill's Studebaker (didn't that car used to be in Turismo Mayor??).  We really can't compete with that.

Rene gets extra excited when we are on page 1 of the results and these are landscape format so page 1 is short and we still made it! 

Click on the results below to expand them or see complete results on the LCP website:

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