06 April 2011

2010 LCP: It Is Over

We've all heard people grumble with dread at the end of an amazing vacation, "Well, now it's back to the real world."

I tend to be backwards in some things in life but when I'm at La Carrera, for me, it is real life.

My real life is anywhere or anytime I'm feeling the joy, doing what I love best, getting the most out of every moment. I used to think those joyful feelings I had while on vacation could be carried back to my regular life but only for a while. Many of us like to stay on "vacation mode" for as long as possible, but in my past, those feelings faded fast and the stress of working, commuting, too much to do and not enough time, etc. would creep back in way too soon.

After spending time in Death Valley a few times in the mid-2000s as a crew member at the Badwater Ultramarathon (135 mile footrace each July, recognized globally as the world's toughest footrace), I came to a realization that I needed to make my everyday life feel as good as possible by eliminating or minimizing stress and pointing my efforts towards letting every day bring me pleasure, not just a few weeks of vacation a year, to refill my emotional reservoir and renew my spirit.

So here's to La Carrera - my REAL WORLD.

In conclusion, I love what our beautiful and dear friend, Fernando Garcia wrote shortly after the race.  We deeply missed you, Fernando.

Feel PROUD for every happy or sad face, for all the blood, tears and smiles, for the heart and the guts, for the freedom and the talks, for the passion and the anger, for the courage, for the fear and the friendship, for the speed and the waits, for all of you, all of you who made it, tried, worked or helped. Feel Proud!! Carrera Panamericana.

-Fernando Garcia

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