24 October 2010

2010 LCP: Start of Day 3 - Puebla to Queretaro

Awoke to a glorious sunrise with a view of giant volcanos from our 21st floor hotel!  Wow!  Also awoke to the news that Thierry and Eric got 2nd in Historic C last night - congrats!

We worked on the BON until 130am last night, changing the tranny, rotating tires, etc.  Dave is at a different hotel as the navigator of the Falcon and Brian was a trooper staying late to help Todd.  I walked to a grocery store with the intent to buy some more groceries and ended up with mostly red wine and chocolate.  Did some more campstove cooking - the burritos I made on the street in Puebla tasted awesome - just like camping where everything tastes the best it could ever taste.

Parking at the hotel was another nightmare.  Todd had no choice but to pull into the hotel entrace with the truck and trailer and kissed the top of the trailer with the archway that prevents tall vehicles from entering.  At this point, with the mishap Brian had with "Hips" (the tan Chevy dually) spearing a railing at the Tuxtla fairgrounds and doing a bunch of damage to the side of the truck, we have trashed both vehicles.  Todd had to come out of the hotel lobby parking area on a downhill, clear the arch and make a right turn up a narrow street.  I do not know how he did it, it was within an inch.  On one side was the Chevy, so if he hit that he'd be damaging both of his vehicles at once, and on the other side was Bill Beilharz saying, "Don't worry, Todd, you won't hurt my trailer."  Todd pulled it through and we parked on the street behind the hotel and that's where we worked on the cars.

Because of the large size of the LCP this year, if your friends or part of your team are at another hotel, chances are that you will not see them in the evening.  The drivers' meeting was a the Camino Real 5 miles away and that was a big enough pain in the butt.  So we didn't see the Greenwoods again, or the Lawrences, or Geezer and team.

About 1130pm a car parked near the BON and our worksite.  Some LCP guys got out so I said good evening and when they stopped to look at the BON I asked what car they were with.  "The Moostang" one man replied. There are ~16-17 Mustangs this year so I asked, "Which Mustang?"  And he replied, "The FAST one" and showed me their trophy.  I extended my congratulations and he walked away.  Huh.

Working outside the Holiday Inn in Puebla

We celebrated our 1 month anniversary.  :)

Brian, the trooper.

Glorious sunrise on the volcanos outside of Puebla.  I will be back to climb them someday with Todd and Rudi.

And we are off on Day 3.  Tonight in Queretaro we will meet up with my Dutch friend, Rudi and meet his new baby son, Sami!  Here we go!


LScheller said...

Great updates, Kristen! Best of luck to your whole team My love and best wishes to all.

annick said...

Once again many thanks for the news (and pictures).
Alex & Annick de Latre

mjb said...

Great posts, Kristin! Congrats on your one month anniversary! Way to go!

Richard tyzack said...

Hey boys and girls, I am following your brilliant Blog Kristin, sounds like a really hard start and way too many crashes so far, real pity that BON had problems on day 1
Good luck to all of you
Richard Tyzack

Richard tyzack said...

Hey boys and girls, following the best Carrera blog - well done kristin, sounds really hard work, hope all cars still running in the mule team, I miss you all and hope for good fortune
Richard Tyzack