28 October 2010

2010 LCP: Day 7 Is Here!

This is it - today we roll into Zacatecas for the grand finish in the most beautiful city of the route.  The sun is coming up over the mountains of Aguascalientes, it is still dark and the cars are lining up for an 8am start.  It is a shorter day than most and we are grateful for that. 

All our cars finished safely yesteray.  Thierry ran some amazing speed stages, beating the fast Studebakers.  Might be 1st place in class yesterday, but unlikely the timing would reflect that.

The Greenwoods ran out of gas on the first long transit stage, luckily Todd, Sarah and I were 10km behind them on the tollway and caught up quickly.  Hey - running out of gas is okay - it's the best possible scenario when a client calls and says, "THE CAR IS CRAPPING OUT."  :)

Watched the video of Bill Beilharz's crash and roll with Max, the navigator.  VERY lucky to be alive.  Bill's head hit rocks through the open window (with nets) as they rolled 4 times and landed upside down.  Bill was knocked out for a couple of minutes and you can hear Max yelling, "BILL!  BILL!" to try to wake him up while being unable to get out of his racing harness.  Scary stuff.  I have not seen the damaged car yet but the video will be (or already has been) posted to YouTube and it is pretty eerie to watch.  So glad they are okay.  That was Max's second bad accident of the race - he arrived navigating for his father in the German Opal and that car burned.  Bill's navigator went home so Max took his place.
Spent some time with Rene and the TBZ Team last night while they detailed El Jefe and the Big Mama in preparation for their proud arrival in Zacatecas, their hometown.  Very excited for them!

Linda Robertson and Chrislana Gregory threw an impromptu bridal shower for me last night in the hotel bar, complete with Cliquot champagne (same as our wedding) and beautiful presents!  Beautiful, thoughtful, joyful women.  Funny to see a bridal shower in a bar where all 4 women had dirty, broken fingernails from racing.  Thanks to both of you - it was priceless and I will never forget it.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear Beiharz and co pilot are ok, can you pls post the link for the video, take care and Hi to Todd.