28 October 2011

2011 La Carrera Panamericana: The Big Finish

Blogging from my dad's office in Zacatecas.  It was a banner year.  El Jefe and Team TBZ finished 3rd overall in class Turismo Producion! 

The Greenwoods brothers finished 19th overall!  Congratulations to everyone!

El Jefe's triumphant arrival in Zacatecas!
The Gypsy Wind at the finish arch!

Geezer, Uriel y Eloisa celebrate.

Uriel got to ride in El Jefe through the arch and got his own medal!

Greenwood Bros capture 19th overall!
 Ben & John Greenwood.

My brother had to leave the race a day early so he is missing from the team photos above but he contributed greatly to the success of the team.  Sadly his mother-in-law passed away after a long battle with cancer while we were racing.  Rest in Peace, Marlene.

Marlene J. (Cihla) Voracek, RIP 

Geezer and Stewie on the podium in Morelia.

The Stewarts: Vance Jr. Kristin Sr. and Vance III.

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carson said...

Congrats to team TBZ
to team Greenwood
well done
great blog Kristin