24 June 2011

2011 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Practice Day 3 (Middle Section - The "W's")

Todd's son Anthony flew in last night from the upper peninsula of Michigan where he attends graduate school at Michigan Tech.  Our crew today consists of myself, photographer dee Welsch and Anthony.

This morning's practice was in the middle section, the famous "W's" which are completely paved.  Todd says in this section you just "point and shoot" and I say, hopefully you don't notice the extreme exposure on many of the corners.

This has been the warmest Pikes Peak week since we started in 2008 and we are enjoying it.  I got out the camp stove and we enjoyed early morning burritos while Todd and Geezer successfully ran the W's.

Todd's son Anthony helps with checking lug nuts.

Todd and Geezer ready to zip up the paved W's.

Smokie smokie time.  You aren't allowed to smoke on the hill this year except in your car.

One of Jack Rogers' mechanics helps with the jetting.

Jerry Churchill, Bobby Johnson and Tom Silver - Todd's late racing friends,  not to be forgotten.

Geezer enjoys a burrito from Big K's Kitchen.

Photo by Anthony Landon.

Rhys Millen and his Red Bull speedster.  Photo by Anthony Landon.

Anthony loves this Toyota Corolla. Photo by Anthony Landon.

Three Carrera cars at Devil's Playground after practice: Landon, Groendyke and Rogers.  Photo by Anthony Landon.

Geezer with his son-in-law.  Photo by Anthony Landon.

Todd and son Anthony Landon.

Anthony gets some shut eye on the ride down the hill with Pikes in the background.

The late model Camaro, AKA The Dark Horse, split his oil pan on a rock.  We hope he can get it fixed in time to race tomorrow.

The Dark Horse from Montana.

The Dark Horse mechanic and driver.

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