22 June 2011

2011 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Crash on Practice Day 1

Todd and Geezer went off the road on their second practice run on the top 1/3 of Pikes Peak.  He says they are okay and so is the car.  They had to wait until practice was over to get towed out so we've been waiting anxiously to hear from them since there isn't cell service on the mountain and they were two hours overdue. 

The top 1/3 of the race route is now completely paved.

This is the approach to where Todd and Geezer went off.

Todd and Geezer went off the road to the right somewhere near here.
Todd and Geezer during practice.

Just got a call from John Kollars and I could feel his smile through the phone.  He was practicing on the bottom 1/3 on his KTM 450cc and had a blast and moved up to 50th place (we think overall), which is great!  Said he was helping out a guy after practice who had broken his ribs in a fall, saw another guy go off the course on Engineer's Corner and was helping a fellow rookie get a set of street tires to replace his knobbies which knocked him over on a paved corner as John predicted.

John during practice.

John ripping a corner during practice.

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carson said...

Thanks for the blog KL, keep 'em comin ... beuno swerte to Tom , Geezer + the team and all others on PP. giddy up, Carson