27 June 2011

2011 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Bobby Regester Crash Video

Incredible video of the crash we saw from Devil's Playground where Bobby Regester goes off the W's in his Pontiac Sunfire and walks away unharmed.


Some perspective, this is a bird's eye view of where Bobby left the road (red dot).  On the far right you see a triangle of snow above the second to last switchback; we were sitting above that snow.  You can also see the cars parked above the road at the Devil's Playground.

And this is the view we had, with the driver out of the car looking mobile (click on photo to enlarge):

Here is another view of the slope of the hill.  Bobby went off on the corner in the very top right (red dot):

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up, I was right above you. Camera died tho and I missed all kinds of footage. There is another vid of pro truck #32 rolling over in boulder park on u tube.