06 April 2011

2010 LCP: Summary of Blog Entries

I am way behind with updates, as it usually goes in the weeks and sometimes months of recovery from the madness of LCP.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  But I finally finished blogging the 2010 LCP.

Day 7 - Aguascalientes to Zacatecas (EL FIN)

Day 6 - Guadalajara to Aguascalientes

Day 5 - Morelia to Guadalajara

Day 4 - Queretaro to Morelia

Day 3 - Puebla to Queretaro

Start of Day 3

End of Day 2 - Oaxaca to Puebla

Day 1 - Tuxtla to Oaxaca

Updated Day 0 Prequalification with new photos as well as an extra page of Day 0 photos.

Mi hermanito, Rene Rodriguez, driving #11 El Jefe, at the noon service on Day 7. !Que chulo!
Photo of Geezer courtesy of Michael Emery of Lucha Libre Racing.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I have been following your blogs throughout the race. I know how hard it must have been to find the time to keep the rest of us informed.Muchas gracias
AL Hagen

mjb said...

Looking forward to your posts! Thanks so much for the HUGE effort so far. It has been great to follow along!