30 October 2008

2008 PanAm: Disturbing Crashes - Mustang launches over heads of spectators; Studebaker rolls and is hit by a 2nd Mustang

The aftermath of the Robertson's Studebaker and the Mustang.

The video of the Studebaker/Mustang crash is here: http://www.sporcar.com/sporcartv/sporcarplayer07.asp?formato=4&seccion=MEX&video=PANA-SLP-AGS.FLV
You may need to cut and paste the link into your browser to get it to work.

It is simply incredible that everyone is okay. The first crash is Stewart and Linda Robertson of Canada smashing into a wall and rolling in their Studebaker. I heard they were running 12th overall that day. After a few seconds a Mustang came around the corner, missed the turn and smashed into the Studebaker, landing on top of it.

Linda walked away with compressed discs in her back and Stewart was unharmed except for the Studebaker rolling over his foot since he was out of the car when the Mustang hit. Stewart built that car to be very strong and as safe as possible. I have had several discussions with Linda in the last two years about her navigator's seat and even teased her about her "throne" because it is a very tall seat with huge wraparounds for her head. She told me in Tuxtla that Stewart is very focused on safety for them and the car. Thank God.....because after watching this video you will wonder how they survived. Oh, and all of this happened just seconds after another Mustang missed the same corner and launched over the heads of the spectators. All 3 cars were totalled.

Linda and Stewart before the start in Tuxtla.

The first Mustang to crash on this corner.

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Stan said...

Congradulations on all the great results, good to hear you are all safe, have been following on a daily bais on all the different blogs and websites, cannot wait to see the footage of what was filmed by the filming crew?please keep me posted.