23 October 2008

2008 PanAm: Prequalification Day

Hello, this will be a short posting until I can fatten it up later. Today is Day 0 of racing. We have been in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas now for several days (I have lost count) in preparation for the official start of the race tomorrow. Today we run a prequalification to decide the starting order for tomorrow. We run at 3pm and rumor has it that we will race on a track.

The cars all passed inspection and have been test driven. Mark from Belgium and Rupert from the UK are both very pleased with the Falcon Todd built for them. Can you imagine ordering a race car, sight unseen, and arriving in the south of Mexico to race it?

The Gypsy Wind was struggling on the journey down, running on 6 cylinders and eating up to 2 quarts of oil each time we filled up with gas. It seems that oil was sneaking passed the valve stems but yesterday the guys fixed it and also put on the race wheels and tires and Martin and Jon said she was a new car and are very pleased.

There is a film crew from NYC here to make a 50 minute documentary on our driving teams and cars. Alexander from Germany is the producer and we met him last night upon their arrival at the hotel.

The journey from Puebla to Tuxtla was another long day. Todd and I rode in the Falcon and the road was wicked rough but we had a great time.

More later.......!

PS Richard, our fast racer in the blue Bag O'Nails who did really well last year is going to blog here on Todd's blog.

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Joint Staff said...

The Joint Staff is eagerly awaiting the start of the race! Best of luck to all the racers and the rest of the crew! Marlon Camacho and rest of the staff