16 November 2007

2007: Fattening Up The Blog From This Year's Race

I had a tough time blogging each and every day while at the race this year so I will fill in the gaps and fatten up as I go. Updates are here:

Added 12/11/07:
2007: One More Day Before The Race Starts!

Added 12/7/07:
2007: A Few Leisurely Pre-Race Days in Oaxaca....Not!

11/15/07 (updated):
2007: One Less Grasshopper in Oaxaca

11/14/07 (updated):
2007: The Journey Has Begun

Picture of El Jefe in Zacatecas courtesy of Bret Haller and TheUnlimitedClass.com

1 comment:

Gary Faules said...

Hey little girl... wanna grasshopper?

Kristin, I waited what seemed like forever to read your update but like a good wine or beautiful women it was well worth the wait! Love the post so PLEASE write more. (And please don't make me beg.... again.)