03 November 2007

2007: Stay Tuned for Updates

I am home now, sad that it is over, full of joy for all of the experiences and adventure we had, still filled with adrenaline, and glad that everyone arrived safely. Blessings for all the drivers, navigators, crews and spectators who are still en route to their homes.

The final RESULTS were just posted and we placed 48th overall and 7th in our class (out of 86 vintage cars racing).

A big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated, especially the service crews, the race organizers and staff, the medics, the timers, the police, the local people in the villages, the children, the fans, especially my DAD who brought me here for the second year in a row, my dear family and friends, and everyone who helped this year - it was a monstrous success!

I will be updating the blog with pictures and many more stories in the next two weeks so stay tuned. You can browse all pictures posted from the 2007 race blog (and a few from 2006) right HERE.

As the Mexican highway signs say,

"Maneje con precaucion. Tu familia te espera."

(Drive with precaution. Your family awaits you.)

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

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Gary Faules said...


I just wanted to thank you for being the amazing personality that you are. Simply put you are one of those amazing people who walks up and makes you feel as if you have known them for many years. I truly enjoyed your company not to mention that of your wonderful father and Rene too. What a great bunch of family. I had the privelage of having a wonderful chat with you father at the hotel the morning before we left and he is the kind of man everyone would be proud to call their father. You may think you know but trust me when I tell you that you will never truly realize what a gift he is until he has gone. He is a real prize, one that makes me miss my father all the more. I look forward to seeing you and your awesome smile someday in the future and I simply can't wait for more hugs.

Warm regards, Gary Faules
Team CBR