14 April 2016

2016 Chihuahua Express

Equipo Tumba Burros de Zacatecas (TBZ) is in final preparations to run two cars in the 2016 Chihuahua Express in Chihuahua, Mexico.  

We will be running El Jefe for the first time at ChiX, with Vance Stewart III and René Rodríguez N.  sharing driving and copiloting duties.

El Bandido, Geezer's 2005 Saleen Mustang, took 8 months to legally cross the Mexican border so we weren't able to do a race car build on it.  As a consolation, the Geezer and I will be running it in a class called The Tour (a time/speed/distance format).  We agreed that we will probably both be horrible at this format as we are used to all out speed rallys, but also agreed we are just there to have fun!

He says I'm driving and I think once he sets eyes on that gorgeous car for the first time, he is going to want to drive!

I am excited to race but more excited to see all of our dear racing friends in the beautiful setting of Mexico's Copper Canyon, and experiencing with these friends all that Mexico and its people have to offer!

El Jefe, ready to roll the canyons and valleys of Chihuahua.

Flashback to almost 10 years ago at our first La Carrera Panamericana finish.  Where does the time go?

El Jefe shiny like a new penny.

Introducing El Bandido - 2005 Saleen

El Bandido in Colorado with El Fer

2013 Zacatecas during La Carrera Panamericana
A gorgeous Tarahumara child in Creel.

Ralph Carungi with some fans in Creel.

Anthony Strelzow with a very young vendor at the Copper Canyon.  Photo courtesy of  Lee-Ann Strelzow

Tarahumara vendors at the top of the Copper Canyon.  Photo courtesy of  Lee-Ann Strelzow

Tarahumara child at the Copper Canyon.  Photo courtesy of  Lee-Ann Strelzow

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