01 August 2015

For Sale: My 1977 Honda Civic CVCC Hatchback $3500

S O L D $4,000
1977 Honda Civic CVCC Hatchback

1977 Honda Civic CVCC 1500  
3-Door Hatchback
92,700 miles
4-speed manual
1488 cc
Engine #: ED3-3512748
VIN#:  SG-C3006744


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This super clean and original 1st generation CVCC has 53 hp and was rated at 39 city/50 highway mpg!  It was sold new at Thunderbird Motors in Oklahoma City to a couple who drove it 91,000 miles into their twilight years.  After they  passed away the car changed hands quickly and was purchased by the current owner.  There are not many of these vintage CVCCs left and very few unmolested and in this nice of condition. 

The Lowdown:
·         Drives and stops like a dream, very zippy even up Colorado mountain passes
·         Very clean interior, new carpet, vinyl seats are in excellent condition
·         Good exterior paint, has been repainted once
·         Air conditioning
·         Passes Colorado emissions
·         Non-smoking car
·         Original 12” Honda OEM factory steel wheels with 95% of tread left on the tires
·         The original spare is intact, as well as the jack and tools
·         Also included are 2 Honda shop manuals

Recent Upgrades:
·         New master brake cylinder
·         New plugs and wires
·         New oil and oil filter
·         New camshaft
·         New o-rings on auxiliary valves
·         New rear shocks
·         Carburetor rebuilt and tuned
·         Timing adjusted

Old Car “Features”:
·         A few small cracks on the dash
·         Some surface rust in door and hatch jams
·         Windshield washer bag/reservoir is missing
·         Produces a minimal amount of white smoke infrequently upon cold startup but clears out quickly(typical for 1st Gen CVCCs)
·     Horn doesn’t work
·         Missing 1 plastic cover on the back of the 3-spoke steering wheel

1977 Honda Civic CVCC Cold Start

SOLD Hood, fender and set of 12" wheels and single 13" wheel.

SOLD -- The set of four 12" wheels:

SOLD -- The single 13" wheel below:

SOLD --  The hood and fender: