01 November 2013

2013: La Carrera Panamericana BEST FINISH EVER for TBZ Racing

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I am sure everyone got the good updates from the other awesome bloggers.  I will spend time when I get home writing the stories and posting the photos as usual.

We got 3rd in class (Turismo Produccion) and 27th overall!!! We are so stoked! Felicidades a todo de TBZ Racing: Geezer, Vance III, Rene, Bimbo, Tonio, Imelda, Juan, Carlos, Jose Luis, Fernando, and Juanito!!!  We could not do it without the big team effort.

El Jefe rolling through the finish lines and crazy crowds in downtown Zacatecas.
It is our 3rd year getting 3rd overall in class and last year we were 29th overall so we are doing the slow crawl up, which is what we do.  The guys in our class ahead of us were way up there - 5th and 11th overall - so it is fun to run with the big dogs!

The legendary "Cowboy" from the Australian Holden FJ team.

Robert Gehlen navigating Miles Jones to the finish!

El Zorro (Fernando Garcia AKA El Fer)!

My dad's girlfriend Eloisa and son Uriel.

Lauren Scheller with some adoring young fans.

Cowboy macking on Kristin

The Geezer and V3.

El Zorro y yo

Bimbo and his wife (both in white)

I went back to visit Memito, who painted me a Picasso Don Quixote rendition 2 years ago!

On the podium for the daily win - 3rd in class.

On the podium for the overall win - 3rd in class (Tursimo Produccion) - felicidades!

Me and Julio down  by the schoolyard.

The Callinans from Australia.

Happy Halloween!  These guys greeted us with a parade in Veracruz at the start and are still celebrating with us!

The hood is taped because the winning cars have to go to inspection after the race.  We love the tape!  The beautiful Zacatecas cathedral made of pink sandstone is in the back.

Anders Berg and I in Zacatecas, enjoying the Carrera together since 2006.


La Familia

We Are Family

Our servicio crew, Bimbo y Tonio - MUCHAS GRACIAS chicos!


RICKY BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fast he's blurrrrrryyyy!

Bimbo getting wild!

Clay and K, happy finish in Zacatecas!

"I have four hunnrd fifdee horsezzz in my truckkkkkk."


LScheller said...

Fotos fantasticos! What a wonderful adventure. Congratulations Equipo El Jefe!

jylafon said...

Hello I live in France where I had the chance to drive an Alfa Romeo which race the panamericana in 1998.
I'm looking for some informations about its driver called Victor Ortiz, car n° 155 in 1998
And I found an other info about Panamericana 2002 : En la de seis cilindros el sitio de honor fue para Víctor Ortiz y Elsa Ortiz, a bordo de un Porsche 911 1966.

I would like to learn more about the races he did, which yearn where...
And I don't speak spanish, so it's a bit hard to search for datas.

Thanks if you can help.

LCP said...

Hello jylafaon, please leave another comment here with your email. I won't publish it here as it needs my approval before being published, but then I can try to help you get more information about Victor Ortiz. Saludos! Kristin