23 May 2013

2013: LCP Madness Part 2

The LCP reunion tour continues 1,790 miles from Sonoma, CA in Austin, TX. At a party graciously hosted by John and Cindy Greenwood at their stunning home on Lake Austin, numerous legendary, infamous, shady, and nefarious LCP veterans gathered to tip a few tequilas and exaggerate Carrera stories - what fun! 

And I have to say, these guys clean up pretty well! Thanks everyone for an unforgettable gathering:  John and Cindy Greenwood, Jim and Maggie Taliano, Sarah MacKenzie, Jake Shuttlesworth, Rusty Ward, and Cap't Bill Beilharz and Debbie Ties.

We set sail for Cancun tomorrow - "Fair seas and following winds!"

Sarah MacKenzie & Jake Shuttlesworth
Maggie & Jim!

Party favors at the Greenwood's house

Rusty is here.....

Sarah explains "life down under" to Maggie & Debbie
Happy times with Bill & Rusty

I'm so happy I can't see straight...
John Greenwood & Jake
Bill, Debbie, Rusty, Sarah, K, Jake, John

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