08 June 2012

2012 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Practice This Weekend & Mustangs To Go Lineup

This weekend we travel to Manitou Springs, CO, at the base of Pikes Peak for the 2012 practice session in preparation for the big hill climb on July 8th. We'll be on the hill 5-8am Saturday and Sunday mornings, practicing half of the hill each time.

Ralf Christensson will be piloting the Phatt Man (1967 Fastback GT350R) and Gerhard Pegam will pilot the Gypsy Wind (1965 Fastback GT350R). Ralf, from Sweden, and Gerhard, from Germany, are both very seasoned racers, both LCP veterans and Ralf a PPIHC veteran as well.
Ralf in his speedy "Vikingos" Falcon near Veracruz, Mexico in the 2006 La Carrera Panamericana.
Ralf getting situated in the Phatt Man at the 2012 Trans-Am Invitational.

Gerhard Pegam in his beautiful 1965 Corvette at the 2011 LCP.
Gerhard Pegam at the 2011 LCP.

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LScheller said...

Have a great time! I think Hayden is going up to practice this weekend, too.