25 October 2011

2011 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 5 - Mil Cumbres and Into Guanajuato

Today a Mini Cooper rolled and though we didn't hear details, the guys were okay and we saw the car in the parking lot and it is pretty munched.

Good luck on Day 5. I say good luck because the guys were okay. Any day this happens and you are okay is a great day.

We swept the course today and enjoyed a very relaxing (believe it or not!) morning sitting on the mountainside of Mil Cumbres waiting for the race cars to pass by. It is such a beautiful place, neither words nor photos can do it justice.

It was fun to see the Gypsy Wind and El Jefe roar by on the speed stage, as well as all of the others, some going so fast, and some struggling. Later when we swept the course we saw Michel Jordain who had gone off the road, as well as Eric Werner's Studebaker, and a few other cars. Luckily Eric was able to quickly get back on the road, but Jordain looked to be out for the day.

Michel Jordain off the road in Mil Cumbres on Day 5.

Eric Werner (copilot) Studebaker off the road in Mil Cumbres on Day 5. Check out the long skid marks.

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