21 October 2011

2011 La Carrera Panamericana: Day 0 Prequalification Early Morning Photos

From Huatulco, prior to taking off for Day 0 Prequalification.  Evidently 5 cars crashed, including a Datsun 260Z that is completely out of the race.  Oil was spilled on the roadway which may have caused some of the crashes.  Gerie and Fernando spun out and lost their hydraulic clutch line and oil pressure.

Suerte and blessings of safety to everyone on Day 1!

El Jefe and TBZ team suiting up.

Our brochachos!  Fernando y Gerie.

Carson and Lauren getting ready to roll.

Jochen Mass struggling with his headset.

Linda Robertson - beautiful as ever!

Ralf Christianson and his navigator - big smiles!  Go Vikingos!

Angelica, Doug and Oscar.

Quote of the day.

Ralph Carungi (Hot Rod Lincoln) and Stewart Robertson of the classiest Studebaker out there.

Ralph & Bill get to lead the entire Carrera on Day 0! Go #101!

Super fast Mustang and very low profile.

Still welding on a Mexican-driven Fiat.

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