19 August 2011

2011 Bonneville Speed Week: Wrapping Up

Simon ready to run on the long course with the streamliners.

This morning Todd discovered that on Simon's last run yesterday evening something in the Silver Bullet engine broke.  The distributor won't turn so 2011 Bonneville Speed Week is over for Mustangs To Go/Landon Speed Racing.

Yesterday all 3 drivers averaged around 198.5 mph with Thierry hitting a top speed of 199.  So close!  Todd kept saying, "We're only half of walking speed away from 200 mph."

So close and still such a great rookie accomplishment - congrats to all!

Thursday sunrise on the flats.

Sweet Chevy Woody.

The Flower of Scotland Streamliner on the long course.

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Stan said...

wow, look quite impressive:)
thanks for posting