17 August 2011

2011 Bonneville Speed Week: Wednesday Mid-Day

BANGshift.com has some great 2011 Bonneville photos:

Friday/Saturday Photos:  http://www.bangshift.com/blog/Bonneville-2011-Galllery-Friday-and-Saturday-on-the-Salt-and-at-the-Cruise.html

Monday/Tuesday Photos:  http://www.bangshift.com/blog/2011-Bonneville-Gallery-Monday-on-the-Salt.html

Simon completed his 175 mph qualifying run, so all 3 have qualified at this speed.

Thierry ran his next qualifying level, going for 175mph by 2.25 mile mark and 199 mph at 3 mile mark for his final license.  On this run he had an engine or fuel/ignition issue at 177 mph and had to back off (and I'm assuming didn't make his qualification).  I hope to learn more later.

Todd says Thierry's son is getting good at sitting in line waiting to run and also at packing the parachute after each run.

Photos are from Todd and also Thierry's wife, Annick.

Motobecane racer.

Thierry ready to run.

Simon, Thierry & Bruno

The De Latre family.


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