18 August 2011

2011 Bonneville Speed Week: Thursday Afternoon

Thursday 445pm update:  Thierry ran 199 mph but was missing boost so he just missed the 200 mph mark!  Todd was on his way to the pits to get the data about the run and try to solve the boost issue and maybe put on a little taller tire for the next run.

I talked to Thierry this afternoon and the Silver Bullet is back in business after pinpointing a problem with collapsed carburetor floats (brass).  They are not sure how it happened but they are happy to be running again.

All 3 drivers are qualified in the 175 - 200 mph range and one of them hit 189 mph.  As we were speaking Thierry had to rush off for what I believe will be his first attempt at the 200 mph mark. 

Here are the website results from Tuesday (click to enlarge):

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