07 April 2011

2011: Chihuahua Express - The Gypsy Wind Is Blowing Warm Tonight....

Todd reported in this evening that it was a fun and successful Day 0. The race participants visited The Home For Special Needs Kids and were showered with smiles from the children.  Todd handed out little Matchbox Nascars that General Mills donated years ago and he said they were a hit with the kids.  We keep finding piles of them in nooks and crannies in the trailers, house and garage - it is good to have them find a proper home.

Then the racers took a few laps around the track.  Todd's race suit didn't pass inspection as it was too old so Fernando's friend, Raoul, was able to borrow one for him.  Todd said the GW sticks well and Gerie's Nova lost oil pressure at the track, but they later found a faulty valve and it's fixed.

Fernando Garcia said on Facebook a few days ago, "We'll teach those Mustang and Fords a couple of tricks! :)"  I hope he has humbled a bit since then.  He's a big Mustang guy and always has at least a few of them in his garage, but he's navigating in a Chevy Nova with Bledsoe so it cracks me up to hear him talking smack about Mustangs.

The Governor of Chihuahua is evidently living in the hotel so there is a lot of security, and there is a big wedding scheduled for Saturday night so parking should be interesting.

The funniest note of the day was Todd saying:

"We made the paper!! Rene told them Gypsy Wind has 570 HP!!! It is in print, so it must be true."

You can't beat that smile.

This is Jack Rogers' Mustang.  Jack ran this car in the LCP last year and has a bunch of land speed records at Bonneville in multiple engine classes in a Camaro.  Pretty cool!
Here's a snippet on Jack Rogers at Bonneville:  The 757 Camaro had an incredible few days at the 2010 World of Speed meet on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The 757 Camaro, driven by Jack Rogers, broke 3 records in 4 days, with 1 record being in excess of 250 mph! New records set by the 575 Camaro were in A/PRO, A/GALT and A/FALT classes. Needless to say the crew and fans of the 757 Camaro were all smiles and giggles in 2010!  A cool video of his record breaking run here.

A good crowd at the Home For Special Needs Children.

Todd says: "Jake's running a Fairlaine (smaller than a Galaxie)!"

Mean looking Viper with the Canadian Corvette behind it, the one that had a very bad crash in the 2009 LCP.

Todd says, "The Gregorys are running a Nova!"

Todd says, Rene is good!

Todd says, "Your hubby sponsored by a pork products company at the track!"
The driver's meeting is going on right now  They will release three white doves at the ceremonial start in Chihuahua tomorrow morning for the three men killed last year.  Tomorrow the racers leave the hotel around 7:30 a.m. to head downtown for the start.  

Todd said it is hot and dry - the Gypsy Wind is blowing warm tonight.

The new time cards, which evidently are the same ones to be used at LCP this fall.

Thursday evening driver's meeting.


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