10 April 2011

2011 Chihuahua Express: Day 3.....the last day

My man on the ground (Todd) reports today will be short and fast!

I love the technology that brings us timely updates, but it is really hard to be sitting at home while the race is going on!

Update 5pm Chihuahua time.....seems most everyone has finished.  Todd says 3 cars were impounded and teched:  Jordain, Mockett and Landon.  Todd was the only Historic C car pulled.

Update 7pm.....Todd and Geezer got 1st in Historic C for the day and 7th or 8th overall.  They are waiting for cumulative results.

Update 730pm:  Gerie & Fernando WIN HISTORIC C!!!!! Woohooo!!!  Jourdain #1 overall, Mockett #2.  Todd & Geezer 4th in Historic C (due to missing a speed stage on Day 1). CONGRATS to all!

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