09 April 2011

2011 Chihuahua Express: Day 2 Update

ChiX Day 2: Todd and Geezer arrived at the lookout on top of la barranca del cobre (Copper Canyon).  The downhill speed sections are always the most dangerous - hope everyone keeps their cool on the way down.

Just heard from Todd this evening that he and Geezer were 1st in Historic C today and 10th overall.  I hope Gerie and Fernando were close behind.

Mats says Jourdain is still in 1st place overall.

Gerie's wife, Diane, says Gerie & Fer are 3rd in Historic C, behind another Nova at 2nd (still assuming this is the Gregorys).

At the service on the way to the Copper Canyon (I think), the Pemex lost power and there was only one other gas station across town.  So most of them sat and waited...no power = no gas.  Seems to be a lack of gas theme going here.  And later in the day, at another Pemex (if I understand this right) there wasn't any gas either.

Todd's notes from Day 2:
Day #2 was super windy and super dusty at the services. It was a new Pemex with no food or drinks, just bathrooms. The wind kept knocking the power out for the gas pumps and lots of people were nervous about fuel stuff—us too.  Rene was low on fuel in the Big Mama. Gunter was having rich fuel issues with the Studebaker and had to run back to town to get his truck and trailer, then back up the mountain to retrieve car.  Very few people brought their trailers up to the Copper Canyon.  

The supercharged Acura NSX was on its trailer midday for the rest of the day. A blue Porsche went off on the way down from Davisidaro on a downhill right 2 with gravel—we saw the skid marks but not the car—I remember the spot—a cop was waving to slow down—we rocked the corner—the mule held its footing.

The Televisa CEO came in a new BMW Mini Cooper for Day 2 (also the sponsors for the race) and he crashed on the long transit (118 miles or so) from the hotel to the start - about 40 miles short of the start —not sure if he hit another racer or what—he was out.
 The Seman-Baker team is running a Cobra and a 260Z. The Cobra was on the side of the road just before the top of the Copper Canyon—he was still there when we raced down—they were OK—big thumbs up as we roared past.

Long , long haul transit back to the hotel.  Fernando was sound asleep in the navigator's seat of Gerie's Nova every time we swapped positions on the highway. The chip reader at the end of afternoon return run #2 was not working at timing/end of run—they did ours manually.  We had 15 seconds of mysterious penalty day #2?

Todd's photos from Day 2:

Geezer, copiloto, ready to roll on Day 2.

Pemex for noon service - no power, no gas!

Waiting for gas.

Just a little scrape on the tail end of the Porsche.

Copper Canyon sales force.

The overlook at Copper Canyon.

Selling wares at the edge of the canyon.

Two ponies.

Evidently there was no gas a second time at a Pemex.

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