08 April 2011

2011 Chihuahua Express: Day 1 Complete

Todd reported that he and Geezer finished Day 1 and the Gypsy Wind ran well....except she ran out of gas in the morning and they missed the last speed stage of the morning.  It's not the first time the GW has run out of gas.....happened to the Greenwoods last fall in the LCP, happened to Geezer on La Bufa in Zacatecas a few weeks ago and now today.  Maybe there is a big hole? :) 

I just talked to Todd and he said the gas gauge shows 1/4 tank when it is actually empty - lessons learned!

As of this evening, as far as he knows, only a yellow Porsche went offroad today and he thinks the damage is minor.  He saw Gunter and Barbara on the side of the road, the Canadians in the vintage Corvette, as well as Mats' Falcon, which he heard also ran out of gas.  He is bummed about running out of gas but he said it was a great day.  Later we found out that Gunter and the Canadians also ran out of gas, too funny.

At the end of Day 1 Gerie is running 2nd in Historic C, and he said another Nova was in 3rd (guessing it's the John and Chrislana Gregory) and a Pony was in 1st. 

Day 1 photos from Todd:


Release of the three white doves in memorium of the three racers lost last year.

The Mockett Rocket.

Driver's meeting, end of Day 1.

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