02 November 2010

2010 LCP: Bill Beilharz & Maximilian Hambloch Studebaker Crash & Roll

This incredible and spooky in-car video shows Bill Beilharz, 2008 La Carrera champion, losing his brakes in his Studebaker during a speed stage on Day 5, and along with his navigator Maximilian Hambloch, soaring off the edge of the road, rolling 4 times and stepping out largely unscathed. Whew!

We came upon the scene after the speed stage was finished and were totally relieved to see both Bill and Max standing on the side of the road, looking rattled but okay. So glad you guys are okay!

They lose their brakes about 60 sec into the 90 sec video.  Bill was knocked unconscious for a short time and you can hear Max yelling to try to wake him up.  Max had joined Bill just that morning as his German Opal had burned on Day 3.

Todd and I approaching the scene.  You can see the skid marks in a line through the Federale.  A giant lake lies below.

You can see Max, the navigator, in the middle with black suit and black tanktop.

The aftermath.

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