23 June 2010

2010 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Tech Inspection and Practice Day 1 (w/new pics)

On Monday about half of the Mustangs To Go drivers and crew arrived in Manitou Springs, CO - Todd and Kristin from Minnesota, Geezer from Zacatecas, Mexico and Thierry from Belgium.  Brian Glass headed back to Minnesota after driving one of the trucks and trailers 1,000 miles and helping Todd with maintenance on the Gypsy Wind.  Lots of logistics to coordinate.

A little house party at El Ranchito after Todd and Brian arrived on Sunday night.

A perfect way to celebrate my dear friend Sarah's last night in Colorado after a 10-day visit from Australia.

Kristin re-enacts the bear that stood up and looked in her window on her birthday a few evenings ago - spooky!

Todd says goodbye to Sarah on Monday morning with a grubby farmer hand on her face.

Brian and Todd changing rear end gears at Broken Arrow.

 Brian drove the Gypsy Wind trailer to Manitou and then headed back to Minnesota for a fishing trip "up North."

The Bag O'Nails and Gypsy Wind passed Tech Inspection Tuesday with flying colors and early Wednesday morning participated in Day 1 of practice on the top third of Pikes Peak.  Both Doug and Thierry had good runs.   It's been said before but this year is supposed to be the last year to race on dirt.  Paving operations continue and by next year the entire hill should be paved.  We heard there are about 20 vintage racers on the roster, and we will be the first class to race at 9am on Sunday, race day.

This is Doug's 3rd year racing Pikes Peak and he participated in Tire Testing on the hill just 2 weeks ago so in addition to recently racing in Germany and Italy, he is fired up and ready to go.  Thierry is a rookie at Pikes Peak, and did an excellent job prepping for it by taking 1st place in Historic C (and 5th overall) in the Chihuahua Express in March, his first time driving the Bag O'Nails. 

Joining the Mustangs To Go crew Tuesday was John Kollars, my old college buddy and our local superstar support guy, and our hermano, Fernando Garcia will arrive from Chihuahua tonight.  Friend and filmmaker Alexander Davidis of GT Racer fame should be joining us later in the week, as well as professional photographer, dee Welsch. 

We will practice on the lower and middle sections of the hill on Thursday and Friday mornings, have Saturday off, and race Sunday, June 27th. 

Doug and Todd at Tire Testing, early June 2010.

JOIN US at the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Car Show (motorcycles too) in Manitou Springs on Saturday from 10am - 3pm if you are in the neighborhood.

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