28 June 2010

2010 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Thierry Finishes 2nd in Class!

CONGRATS to both Thierry and Doug who got to the top!  Thierry landed 2nd in the Vintage Race Car class with a time of 13:41, and Doug a respectable 8th (15:13) even after a small spinout on the lower section of the mountain in the dirt.

Congrats to everyone for a great hill climb!

I will post race day stories later.

Full 2010 PPIHC results posted on the PPIHC website.

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26 June 2010

2010 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Fan Fest and Peoples

With the race cars parked on Manitou Avenue outside the motel, I love the people that stop by to see them, touch them, ask questions and tell us about the Mustang they had in high school. John even got some kids to help him wash the Bag O'Nails!

Falcon Caliente.

Bob Hill and his wife stopped by to say hello.

The young man in the black shirt is being deployed to Afghanistan in September; Todd shook his hand and thanked him.  He just bought a sweet 1969 Mustang Fastback and showed us pictures. 

Gunter shops for jets for his "new" '53 Studebaker.

The view of Pikes Peak from our hotel room.

Donner, Thierry and Kelly at sunset.

K & Doug.

Gunter & Barbara's '53 Studebaker, up in the air, Mats Hammerlund-style.

Thierry, Doug and Geezer on their way to Fan Fest.

Geezer gets the Denver Bronco cheerleaders to sign a poster for Rene (well, he says it's for Rene).

Kristin & dee in front of their pick (RED BULL!) for the 2010 PPIHC overall winner.

Angelica, K and dee.

I was very happy to see my twin sister, Angelica at the FanFest. We discovered last year that we were born on the same day in the same year. We are not exactly sure who was born first, or who our father is, so we both call each other hermanita (little sister).  :)

I met Angelica in 2006 in a hotel bathroom at the noon service on Day 3 outside of Queretaro.  We were both adjusting our race suits and she asked me how long I had been racing.  "Three days" was my answer and she smiled and told me she had been racing La Carrera for quite a while and we chatted a little longer and wished each other good luck. 

I did not know who she was at the time and later when I found out I was honored that she stopped to take the time to chat with me.  And in 2007, after Rene and I went off the road on Day 1 and I was spooked, she listened to my story and gave me wise advice about listening to your heart when it comes to getting into the car when your intuition tells you that things aren't right.  A beautiful lady, inside and out, and now my friend and twin sister.

Keith & Angelica - great picture!

25 June 2010

2010 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Practice Day 2 & 3

Days 2 and 3 of practice on the hill went very well!  Thierry ended up in 2nd place in the vintage class, just 3 seconds behind Keith Davidson.  The cars ran well and the drivers were smiling.  The weather was gorgeous, even balmy up at altitude and Doug and Thierry made plenty of runs on the bottom section yesterday morning and the middle section (the W's) this morning. 

Thierry and the Bag O'Nails practice racing the top section on Day 1.

Doug on Practice Day 1.

Geezer washing windows at almost 13,000 feet.

The lineup of racers on Practice Day 2 on the bottom section:

John takes a nap with a view of Pikes after getting up at 3am.

Angelica and hubby, Keith.

Geezer, John and Krisitn on Practice Day 2.

Donner Billingsly, Thierry's navigator.

On Practice Day 3 we brought our campstove and on the back of the trailer we cooked up eggs, Canadian bacon, and steak folded into corn tortillas - a nice change from cold granola bars and handfuls of nuts. 
Amazing breakfast!

We are missing Fernando, who hurt his hand in a mountain bike race in Chihuahua on Sunday, and could not make it here.  Speedy healing, Fer!

Mike Robinson from San Antonio, TX, joined us at 330am this morning to watch practice and scope out the Mustangs To Go corral and team as he is planning on racing with us in La Carrera in 2011.   

Todd gives Keith Davidson the elusive Shelby seat - hopefully it makes him lucky on race day but not lucky enough to beat us.  :)

Angelica and Thierry discuss the badass W's.

Geezer and Mike waiting for sunrise.

Mike Ryan's big rig starting up the W's.

Keith, Mockett and Thierry in the lineup.

On the way down after practice today we came around a corner in the truck and our hearts jumped as we saw an entire line of ambulances and rescue vehicles.  We learned that one of the open wheel cars had gone off a steep edge during practice on the lower section, luckily still in a wooded area with a sandy landing and aspen trees.  They landed upside down and we heard that everyone was okay; not sure if there was a navigator or not. 

Never a good sight to come upon....

Thankfully everyone was fine....even the race car.

Later in traffic we followed the trailered "Monster" car down the hill - we are hoping Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima or someone else can break the 10:00 minute mark this year!  We have heard he has some hopeful competition this year from Rhys Millen and Paul Dallenbach who have switched to the Unlimited Class.
Love the Millen Red Bull racer!

Tonight is Fan Fest downtown Colorado Springs and tomorrow is our day off so we will bring the cars to the vintage car show in Manitou and get some sleep.

23 June 2010

2010 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb: Tech Inspection and Practice Day 1 (w/new pics)

On Monday about half of the Mustangs To Go drivers and crew arrived in Manitou Springs, CO - Todd and Kristin from Minnesota, Geezer from Zacatecas, Mexico and Thierry from Belgium.  Brian Glass headed back to Minnesota after driving one of the trucks and trailers 1,000 miles and helping Todd with maintenance on the Gypsy Wind.  Lots of logistics to coordinate.

A little house party at El Ranchito after Todd and Brian arrived on Sunday night.

A perfect way to celebrate my dear friend Sarah's last night in Colorado after a 10-day visit from Australia.

Kristin re-enacts the bear that stood up and looked in her window on her birthday a few evenings ago - spooky!

Todd says goodbye to Sarah on Monday morning with a grubby farmer hand on her face.

Brian and Todd changing rear end gears at Broken Arrow.

 Brian drove the Gypsy Wind trailer to Manitou and then headed back to Minnesota for a fishing trip "up North."

The Bag O'Nails and Gypsy Wind passed Tech Inspection Tuesday with flying colors and early Wednesday morning participated in Day 1 of practice on the top third of Pikes Peak.  Both Doug and Thierry had good runs.   It's been said before but this year is supposed to be the last year to race on dirt.  Paving operations continue and by next year the entire hill should be paved.  We heard there are about 20 vintage racers on the roster, and we will be the first class to race at 9am on Sunday, race day.

This is Doug's 3rd year racing Pikes Peak and he participated in Tire Testing on the hill just 2 weeks ago so in addition to recently racing in Germany and Italy, he is fired up and ready to go.  Thierry is a rookie at Pikes Peak, and did an excellent job prepping for it by taking 1st place in Historic C (and 5th overall) in the Chihuahua Express in March, his first time driving the Bag O'Nails. 

Joining the Mustangs To Go crew Tuesday was John Kollars, my old college buddy and our local superstar support guy, and our hermano, Fernando Garcia will arrive from Chihuahua tonight.  Friend and filmmaker Alexander Davidis of GT Racer fame should be joining us later in the week, as well as professional photographer, dee Welsch. 

We will practice on the lower and middle sections of the hill on Thursday and Friday mornings, have Saturday off, and race Sunday, June 27th. 

Doug and Todd at Tire Testing, early June 2010.

JOIN US at the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Car Show (motorcycles too) in Manitou Springs on Saturday from 10am - 3pm if you are in the neighborhood.