21 March 2010

2010 Chihuahua Express: Race Cancelled Due to 2 More Fatalities

Yesterday, Day 2 of the 2010 Chihuahua Express, there were 2 more fatalities. At the end of the day in the last transit section (not a speed stage) back to Chihuahua, 2 cars in the Touring Class were involved in a very high speed crash on a divided highway.

Hernando "Nanan" Solana (pilot) and Heberto Garcia (copiloto) were in the gray 1997 Corvette and are confirmed dead by Chihuahua Express officials.

Luis Angel de la Brena (pilot) and Gerardo Arevalo (copilot) were in the late model yellow Porsche GT2 and their condition is unknown.

We came upon the site 30 minutes after the crash and also heard a firsthand account from our guys in the Mustang convertible who were there a minute after the crash. The Corvette did not have safety equipment or a roll bar. Cars in the Touring Class are not required to have this equipment. During a transit no one is required to have their helmets on and racers typically do not cinch down their racing harnesses as tight as when in a speed stage.

Total fatalities for the race so far is 3 people. Please send throughts, prayers, whatever you have to the 2 surviving racers, as well as the survivor from Friday's crash in the Renault Clio, and the families and friends of the deceased.

The Corvette in the middle of the picture and the yellow Porsche to the right (click on photo to enlarge).

The gray 1997 Corvette and the yellow late model Porsche GT2 at the noon service stop at the Copper Canyon before the fatal crash.


Francisco Ortiz said...

Terrible news, I cant belive it

Anonymous said...

What terrible news, just picked it up here in the UK, Kristin and Todd please pass on mty sympathies to all concerned and the organisers, i had 2 good years on this really fantastic rally and hope that it may continue in the future - ALL cars should be fitted with full cages.
Richard Tyzack

Anonymous said...

I found this blog browsing and thought you should get latest news. In both cases you have reversed the pilot and copilot names. Luis Angel is in critical condition in ITU. Two surgeries have been carried out, one to assess brain swallowing and second to fix broken hip and arm. He's evolving positive after surgeries and with good chances.
Gerardo is OK at home.
Nanan mass service was last week and it was unbelievable the number of true friends that were there. Very emotional. Thanks

LCP said...

To the 3/29/10 poster, thank you for the updated information, I will make a new post with it and apologize for the incorrect data. Can you comment again and include your name? Thank you.