19 March 2010

2010 Chihuahua Express: No Words

The second spectator car hit by the race car, a VW Jetta. No spectators were injured.

The Renault Clio and the side impact that took the life of the copilot, Carlos Garcia.

The copilot of a late model Renault Clio died in a crash on a speed stage today. I can't put words to this. According to the race director, Chaco Medina, excessive speed was the cause. It was a steep downhill section in the mountains this morning, about 25km into the stage, and from what we saw passing by about 45 minutes after the crash, it appeared that they bounced off a rock wall/cliff on the left hand side, crossed over to a dirt turnout on the right and t-boned two spectator cars. No spectators were injured but the copiloto, Carlos Garcia A. of Mexico passed away. Rest in peace.

The car was numbered 67 on the door but listed as 68 on the roster. There were two yellow Clios - this one had "Metro" on it and we do know that the other yellow Clio - a Euro Latino car driven by Juan Jose Stanglemaier was not involved in the crash.


Kristen said...

Holy shite! not cool!

Francisco Ortiz said...

I think something is wrong with the clio roll cage?

LCP said...

Francisco, yes, people were saying the roll cage did not look very substantial and it did not have bars across the doors.