25 October 2009

2009 LCP: Day 3 Mexico City to Queretaro

The early morning lineup outside of the hotel in Mexico City. Surprisingly it was quite orderly and calm!

My girlfriend, Dyana Marlett, navigating for the speedy Karl Scheible in a Mats Hammarlund Volvo.

Anders helps push a stalled Studebaker away from the start line.

Paul mugs for the camera at the starting line.

#433 Lincoln, Carson Scheller and daughter Lauren off for another day of racing.

Lauren Scheller gives the thumbs up.

Alexander Davidis and Jorge Arroyo watch the cars start the day.

Bill Shanahan's crew takes advantage of the beautiful sun and some down time at the noon service at a vineyard outside of Queretaro.

Nap time - get it while you can.

Angelica Fuentes sports the "Real Women Don't Need Guard Rails" tshirt I gave her at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2008.

The Durango Deuce II doing well at the noon service under a majestic sky.

More naptime from one of Mexico's Fastest Taxi crew members.

So this guy builds and sells these amazing, giant metal sculptures and I want one! Saw them last year and Todd and I were able to stop this year. But we do not have our truck and trailer here so I will have to wait another year.

Jake Shuttlesworth's Siempre Joven, sidelined for the duration. But Tony Bogovich, his navigator, is happily driving the Lucky Taco, now that it is back in the race.

Gerie burning it up up on the Queretaro Autodromo.

Paul Wendt signs autographs in Queretaro.

Tom and Paul in the Original Panam Lincoln.

Tom Overbaugh is famous.

Helllloooo Superman.

Fernando and Albert pose with Queretaro locals. "Los Pelones!"

Handsome Fernando.

Albert and his evil twin - seriously, you cannot tell these two apart!

Geezer, Kristin and Jorge.

Jorge, fearless photographer in front of the beautiful catedral Queretaro.

Kristin, dear friend Rudi and Carina in Queretaro. Always glad to see these guys!

Fernando not so sure about Stewie hopping on the back.

Juan y Alma come out every year to see the Geezer in Queretaro.

Fernando apologizing for Stewie getting on the back of his Harley.

Fernando, Gerie and Coop. Gerie smiles because he knows Todd will fix his burned up brakes later and it was worth the fun going sideways on the track.

Hugo and Bimbo snuggle up in El Jefe to avoid the taxi back to the hotel.

Fernando - on the Historic A podium again!

Todd happy fixing brakes late at night.

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