22 October 2009

2009 LCP: Day 0 Prequalification - 3 cars totalled already

The report for Day 0!

Clyde Morter, owner/driver of #421 Original Panam Oldsmobile, "The Lucky Taco" talks about his offroad excursion in the prequalification stage.

Clyde's brother helps the Lucky Taco bend a bit to get on the trailer.

Cracked up Porsche, not even to the Day 0 starting line yet.

Photo courtesy of Mexsport.

The Lucky Taco in the weeds.

This Jag ate a road sign on the boulevard before the prequalification stage even started.

Gerie Blesoe and Coop racing through the jungle near Tongolunda, Day 0

The cheerleaders - Todd, Kristin, Bimbo and our wickedly cool Finnish amigo from the famous band, the Leningrad Cowboys.

I got so excited when El Jefe came by during Prequalification that this is the picture I got.

Ralph & Bill, Hot Rod Lincoln #101 ripping and roaring on Day 0.

Todd spectating.

The Landon-built orange Falcon with its new owner, Christian Dumolin from Belgium.

Bimbo mugging.

Bimbo lovin' it.

The ever-smiling Jake Shuttlesworth with one of his 30+ Galaxy 500s - "Siempre Joven" (forever young).

The Leningrad Cowboys' Sakari Jarvenpaa from Finland: rock stars in the beautiful white Corvette.

A little Dia de los Muertos action on the Leningrad Cowboys Corvette - love it!

"No Sleep 'til Aculpulco" (I wonder if they know that Aculpulco is not on our route?)!

Reinforcing the roll bar in Fernando's Saab.....just in time.

Fer and Albert's Saab still needing to pass Tech Inspection and missing Day 0 of racing.

A gorgeous Corvette - I hate it when people race these in the LCP as they always get messed up.

Gerie's 500 hp Nova AKA The Durango Deuce II.

Tony Bogovich, Linda Robertson and Geezer.

Today was Day 0 of racing, the prequalification stage which is optional and decides the starting order for the official start tomorrow. The morning was fairly mellow as we just needed to get everyone to the park by noon. Fernando, who is navigating for Albert the Austrian had quite a few things to sort out with their little Saab. A Mexican crew was working hard to install a roll bar, seats and window nets. Most other cars have passed inspection already, but Albert just arrived yesterday from China so they are well behind schedule but should still make it, though they won’t run the stage today.

On the way to the park this morning we came upon a crash scene, thinking it was a local vehicle, so we were surprised to see it was a little blue Porsche high sided on a steep boulevard curb. The driver’s side wheel was crunched in as well as the front end. Another rumor was that a Jag crashed that morning as well. What a shame to crash your car on the hotel boulevard before you even get to Day 0 of racing.

At 3 pm the Day 0 Prequalification Stage began very close to the beach in Tongalunda. Todd and I took the Big Mama with Bimbo and Hugo and parked about 3 km into the speed stage. We hiked up the road and perched on a rock and were able to see two curves of the course. Day 0 is always a great day to watch a speed stage because we often don’t get to see the speed stages when we are driving the service trucks. Often the race cars go off in the mountains to race dicey roads while the trucks and trailers take the toll roads and the short way to the noon service and in doing so, we miss watching the race.

All of our guys did very well. The Studebakers and the front runners came out first and looked very impressive and fast. Mockett looked especially good. Ralph and Bill ripped around the corner and when they passed by us on a wide corner the end got a little loose and that brought a cheer from our little section of 8 of us spectators. Gerie Bledsoe went by sounding good and steady and Geezer followed sounding really good with his new Tesar Engineering race engine from Long Lake, MN. All in all Day 0 was rumored to take 5 or 7 cars out (can't remember which).

The Lucky Taco, a green Buick from Wisconsin got pretty munched when Clyde tried to make a pass and went off the road. Best guess is that thing won't be riding anytime soon. :(

Guy Morter inspects his brother Clyde's (munched) Lucky Taco.

Tonight I am blogging from the parking lot in Hualtuco after a wonderful 30 minute swim in the sea with Todd. Gerie’s Nova wouldn’t start earlier today but Todd has it sorted out already and so we think we will actually get to eat dinner again tonight.


Lalo said...

The best photo ever is Bimbo with the girls LOL jajajajajajajaja


THIS ARE MINES http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranachilanga/sets/72157622526885611/


LCP said...

LOVE your photos, Rene, thank you!