27 October 2009

2009 LCP: Tallying the Sidelined Cars

Yesterday we went from Queretaro to San Luis Potosi. I am behind on the blog so will just catch up to the present day. Up until yesterday it seemed there were a normal number of cars dropping out to due mechanical troubles, but not too many dramatic crashes, which is good.

Yesterday took its toll on the racers. Todd and I keep a running list in the truck of cars that have fallen out of the race. Of course we are sweeping so we may not see all the vehicles that have been put on trailers and taken away. And of course, some of the cars trailered out will be fixed in the evening and back in the race the next day.

On Day 1 of racing we saw 14 cars on the side of the road, all mechanical problems except #101 Ralph and Bill who smashed into a curb but got running again. Studebaker #58 was on the side of the road, as well as a black Mustang coupe. The red "Akron" Mustang and a red and silver Porsche, the red Chevelle, #117 a blue Chevy, and #303 a red Porsche were all sidelined.

In the afternoon we saw Mockett on the side of the road with the hood up and later learned he had to change his motor which means he went from 600 to 500 hp. I sure hope he can limp along with only 500! We saw Jorge Silva's #377 white and gold Mustang on the trailer, and stopped to talk to Jake Shuttlesworth and Tony who thought they threw a rod and might be out for good. Also saw #130 Studebaker out, and the red Jaguar with our friends from Canada had its 3rd flat tire of the day.

On Day 2 we saw 5 cars out: a Hudson who broke suspension and their brake line when they hit a speed bump too hard and fast, a little red convertible Maserati who did some 4-wheeling on a rough rocky shoulder and who is still out of the race, a Studebaker who ran out of gas, #363 a blue Volvo on the side of the road, and #298 a VW Bug on a trailer.

On Day 3 it was quiet and we only saw the gray and maroon Studebaker who had damage on the front driver's side fender and quarter panel and it was binding the front wheel. Gerie burned up his brakes in the Queretaro Autodromo and the buzz in downtown Queretaro was that Gerie was going pretty good at the track and even sideways! The brakes cooled down and he was able to get downtown and Todd changed the brake fluid that evening, as well as the exhaust manifold which was difficult as there is very little clearance to work with.

Day 4 brought a little more excitement as we spotted 10 cars out of the race, at least temporarily. Fernando and Albert in the Saab needed a new master cylinder and Tony replaced that for them and I don't know how they did it, but they were able to get by all the service vehicles on the one lane mountainous transit and catch up to the race at service. Fernando and Albert were on the podium in Queretaro - 3rd place in Historic A. We are so proud of our Fernando and are starting to hear that Albert is a very good driver.

On Day 4 on the sidelines we saw the rainbow colored Oacaxa Studebaker, and then we came around a corner and the red 914 Porsche that was so fast on Day 0 was in the gutter and not looking like it would run again. We saw a silver Chevy or Oldsmobile on a trailer, and our friend Benjamin from Cancun on the trailer in his silver Mercedes - and we found out later in the day that they were changing out the clutch. #253 a blue Volvo was on the side near the Pena de Bernal, and the Predator blue Jag was in the ditch and just 50 feet away a red 911 Porsche was on a wall. It was impossible to tell from the double skid marks which happened first but even in our quick driveby we could see that all 4 occupants were okay. We also gave water to a Federale to get him back on the road.


mjb said...

Great reports, Kristin! Thanks so much for posting!

michael emery said...

Great stuff kid! Keep up those dispatches from the front err rear...