28 September 2009

Screening Party for the GT Racer LCP Debut in Minneapolis

A heartfelt thank you to the 40-some friends and family who joined us at Brothers Bar & Grill downtown Minneapolis to watch the debut of GT Racer episode 4 on the 2008 La Carrera Panamericana - it was a blast!

The film is absolutely fantastic - GIANT kudos to the superbly talented Alexander Davidis and his amazing film crew - we all loved it.

The story line closely follows the three driver/navigator teams of Todd's race cars:
Richard & Simon in the Bag O'Nails ('65 Mustang)
Marc & Rupert in the Cliquot Chico ('64 Falcon)
Martin & Jon in the Gypsy Wind ('65 Mustang)

The film truly captures the spirit of LCP through the eyes of the competitors and crew. You can feel the adrenaline, the danger, the excitement, the fatigue, the joy, the fear, the beauty, the racing, the countryside, the people, MEXICO - all of it in the span of 50 minutes. Amazing to have the talent to capture that on film and absolutely exhausting to watch it.

The DVD releases on October 20,2009 (GT Racer Season II - 4 episodes, $39.95). Please go to www.around-n-over.org/promotions.htm and then click on the Amazon link to purchase. With an extra click you can help to raise money in support of my friend, Erden Eruc, on his human-powered circumnavigation of the world in order to teach children to dream big and that anything is possible.

The Bag O'Nails being unloaded in front of Brothers.

Mike Tully

The Holmbecks

Kristin, Don Patrie, Barb Patrie

Kristin & Lisa Warne

Todd and his parents.

Dave Fuss, head crew member, and Todd.

The crowd at Brothers Bar & Grill

More stills from the film.

Kristin & Todd

Land O'Lakes crew....wearing vintage Cow Car shirts!

Kristen signs the Terlingua sign.

Karen, Becky, Terry, Whitey

More Land O'Lakes crew.

The ORS Gang

Amy and Tracy

Kristin and Caroline in front of Tim & Caroline's 1968 Shelby GT500 - sweet.

21 September 2009

El Jefe Makeover and Don't Forget to Watch Discovery HD Theater THIS FRIDAY (9/25/09)

El Jefe's got a new look - pretty and blue - and under the hood some new stuff too.

And don't forget to watch the Discovery HD Theater channel this Friday evening for an hour of 2008 LCP footage!

See you all in Hualtuco very soon.

El Jefe, shiny like a new penny!