17 July 2009

2009 PPIHC: Practice Day 2

Correction to yesterday's post: Evidently the Subaru that rolled was driven by a crew member who was drifting on the way down; it wasn't rolled by the driver, Brian Moody as earlier reported.

Practice Day 2 went smoothly for our crew. Made a tire change to make us faster on the pavement and sacrifice a bit on the dirt. Although the paving project continues and eventually the entire road up Pikes Peak will be paved, there is still about 6 miles of pavement and 6 of dirt.
Day 2 had us racing the lowest section of the route, and one of the two semis had a rough start and smashed into a tree not too far from the start line. This was the same semi that had an offroad mishap on Day 1 so we are hoping he can get straightened out in time to race on Sunday.

Chip Johns bumped into a curb and bent his front wheel and suspension but should be back racing tomorrow.

Doug and the Gypsy Wind are both running well and smiling - who could ask for a better day.

Dean Smith, owner/navigator of the 1952 DeSoto, poses in front of Chip Johns' Falcon.

Mi amiga, Angelica Fuentes, prepares for a practice run with Oscar, the Mockett Crew Chief looking on. The semi truck mishap.

Vintage Results, Practice Day 2 Lower Section

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