15 July 2009

2009 PPIHC: Practice Day 1 - #422 Subaru Rolled While in Transit

The report from the race course on Practice Day 1 for the vintage class brought a bit of Pikes Peak excitement. Racing from Devil's Playground at 12,780 feet to the top of Pike's Peak all went well until one of the semi-trucks high sided and his wheels went over the edge. That little mishap cut the practice short and everyone headed down the hill.

On the way down the hill a blue Subaru, #422, driven by Brian Moody, rolled (not racing, just on a transit) and was pretty bent up. Luckily they went off on an inside corner (caused by the big ruts in the road from the heavy rain this season?) and landed on their roof in the ditch. As far as we know, everyone is okay.

Photo courtesy of Mark Reis, The Gazette (Colorado Springs).

Todd jetted down the Gypsy Wind and she had plenty of power. Still waiting to see the results to see where Doug landed among the vintage crew. Tomorrow we race the bottom 1/3 of the mountain.

A beautiful sunrise at the Devil's Playground, Practice Day 1 (7/15/09).

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