20 July 2009

2009 PPIHC: Crash! Good News - Bad News - Good News

After a very long day spectating at the Devil's Playground at 12,700 feet, Sistie finally gets to see for herself that Doug is okay. We had very little cell service and had to trust what we heard on the radio once we heard #358 had gone off into the woods.

Good News: Our driver, Doug Allen, #358, is okay.

Bad News: Around mile 2 of the race there were 2 people standing in the road right on Doug's line. He was going around 80 mph and had to decide to hit and likely kill them, or go off the road and risk his own life. Doug chose to go off the road and landed about 15 feet down a very steep embankment, crashing into aspen trees and cracking up the Mustang. Doug said around 15 people were there right away to assist him. I wasn't there but can tell you without a doubt in my mind that the 2 people that caused him to crash were NOT there to see if he was okay.

Less than a minute earlier another spectator had run across the road in front of Doug. He did not need to alter his course that time but was still amazed at their behavior.

Chip Johns, #385, in the 1964 Ford Rally Sprint lost his clutch and dropped out of the race at Devil's Playground. As we were pushing him off the road Chip was very upset about the mechanical failure but seemed to me to be even more upset that a woman ran across the road in front of them during the race.

Good News: Our driver, Doug Allen, #358, is okay.

I'm not really sure where to put the fact that those people that caused the crash are fine - in the good news or the bad news column. Yes, I know it is a good thing that no one got hurt and we are all grateful. But if you ask me to choose between Doug's life and the lives of the spectators crossing the road - I choose Doug.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the Kansas boy at the motel said, "What the !#*^. He should have chosen the spectators, of course!" :)

Gary Faules said...

Doug, Team California's Best send our warmest thoughts in that you are safe and well. You took one for the team and none of us will forget that. A man's man if ever there was one.

Gary Faules