01 December 2008

No, this posting is not about racing

Car racing is just a tiny part of my world. Proof here - a couple of short videos of my Geezer and I riding a 1969 Schwinn tandem bicycle on Thanksgiving in Minnesota. The picture at the very bottom is the last time I was on a tandem - again with the Geezer in Minnesota, circa 1983.

How does 25 years just go by?

Todd bought this tandem a few months ago and so we had to take it for a spin. Oddly enough it is the same model we rode so long ago.

Bike riding - good stuff.

Kristin and Geezer tandem bike riding in Mound, MN, 2008.

Kristin and Geezer tandem bike riding at Cleary Lake, MN, circa 1983.

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Gary Faules said...

I'm so hapy for you but so jealous. You are so blessed that you get to spend time with your father. I miss mine so much and remember the many things we did together all the time. Be be sure and tell him I said hello.