16 December 2008

2008 PanAm: Survival

Another year of racing La Carrera Panamericana brought another rash of carnage - it always does. Thankfully there were no serious injuries to my knowledge, though it is not my intent to minimize injuries like Linda Robertson's compressed neck vertabrae. In my opinion, after watching the video of their crash and seeing the cars afterwards, they are all lucky to be alive, let alone to have walked away from the wreckage.

There were so many beautiful cars at the start in Oaxaca. I usually spot a few cars that I absolutely do not want to be raced because I know they will be beat up and often times totalled along the way. I want to keep them pretty instead!

Here are some "after" pictures. The Mustangs seemed to take an intense beating this year - not too many survived. All 4 of our cars survived unscathed this year.

Mustang Carnage:

More crashes, aches and pains:

An offroad excursion on Day 1.

What was once a beautiful Sunbeam Tiger.

The Dover Brothers unfortunately were rear-ended on the way to the race start and their Volvo was damaged while on the trailer.

The Dover Brothers' Volvo AKA The Lawn Mower.

Bill Beilhartz did a little offroading in his Studebaker.....and still won the entire race!

Lucky to be alive.

This guy had many areas of damage including remnants of black paint from El Jefe when he tried to run us off La Bufa. Seems he comes prepared each year with a case of orange duct tape.

The Corvette in Oaxaca before the race - I did not want to let them race this beautiful car! And thankfully they kept it pretty. Whew.

In addition there were blown engines (Gerie Bledsoe's Nova, the blue Comet) and a few fires, like the beautiful red "Austin Powers" Jaguar.

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