03 November 2008

2008 PanAm: You can't comprehend how completely exhausting La Carrera is until you go.....

We stay in some really nice hotels across Mexico, but our heads don't spend much time on the pillows so we grab every chance we get to sleeeeeeeeep!

Ruby in Texas, not affected at all by our pre-race preparations.

Stewie catching some zzzzs before the race started.

Martin and Jon.....so sweet together and the matching shirts is a lovely touch.

Fernando, pointing his nose towards the map.

Martin and Jon on their day of rest while the Gypsy Wind was being repaired.

Bimbo taking advantage of the shade.

Martin probably dreaming of the finish line.

Bimbo trying to hide in the back seat of Big Mama.

Marc getting some shut eye on a rare noon break.

Dave, after a very long 3 weeks, asleep at the final awards ceremony!

And finally....Fernando's bed....it looked like this every morning because he was hardly ever in it.

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