04 November 2008

2008 PanAm: Johnny Tipler Book on La Carrera Almost Here!

A new book, La Carrera Panamericana: "The World's Greatest Road Race!" by Johnny Tipler with an intro by Jo Ramirez is almost on the shelves!

Please do me a giant favor and use this link to access Johnny's Book on Amazon. The link sends you to Around-N-Over.org and then to Amazon. Around-N-Over supports a friend of mine, Erden Eruç, as he continues his human-powered circumnavigation of the world in his effort to raise funds for school children around the world. Around-N-Over will receive a percentage of all Amazon sales initiated through their website.
All for Education and Inspiration
To accomplish, to inspire and to teach...

Two days ago I went to Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder to see Erden's presentation of his latest leg of the journey - a 312 day solo row across the Pacific Ocean - a simply amazing and world record-breaking feat.

To peruse Johnny's Book and raise money to enable schoolchildren to dream big and achieve their goals (with no cost to you):

1) Click here: http://www.around-n-over.org/promotions.htm and click on any of the Amazon links on the page.

2) Then type "Johnny Tipler Panamericana" in the search bar to see his upcoming book.

Motoring author, Johnny Tipler and Kristin in Aguascalientes at the 2006 PanAm.

Erden and his wife Nancy in Boulder this week.

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